Après Morsure; Le Déluge

Once bitten, twice shy. In this dangerous game of love there is no room for shyness, when your lover is a creature of the night. This is my collection of short erotic stories consisting of vampires’ lust for love or are the humans they crave just another kill of the night?
A Book of Smut
Additionally, there is a preview of my novel Savage that is available on Galatea, Inkitt, Wattpad and Radish Fiction!

    ABOUT ME &

    Hi loves! I’m Kristen.
    I am the author of SAVAGE, a novel available on the app GALATEA.
    What can I say about myself? I’m a Writer, Illustrator, and belong to the house Slytherin (I thought I would belong to House Ravenclaw, but I should’ve known better) after doing the Sorting Hats quiz. I’m Gothic Chic that loves reading Romance (Classical Romance is my absolute favourite), Erotica and Gothic Literature.

    I am a Jamaican, but I do not fit in with my own Jamaican culture most times. It’s the truth sadly enough. I like the fact that I’m weird. I probably shouldn’t but I do. Came to terms with that fact long ago.

    I love to write, but I’m a creative at heart. to illustrate is a passion, especially portrait illustrations with surreal elements at the core of the piece.

    Bloody Insatiable, my writing and publishing brand is my baby, born from a dream – literally. It encompasses all the things I make believe and bring to life through the written word.

    – Dare to make-believe, my darklings!

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    I love to write. I am the author of SAVAGE, a novel available on the app GALATEA.

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