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An island girl that loves to draw, write, eat, read and sleep. She used to watch television a lot but who’s got time for that when there’s so much to do. Kristen is from the island of Jamaica. Her desire is to become an Artist, but with most creatives, there was another hidden talent that she never saw coming. Although making up elaborate stories in her head has always been apart of her she never thought that persons would be this interested in what she had to say… Still neva stop har to claat from writing!

Kristen loves to read romance and supernatural (vampires, werewolves, witches and angels and demons, gods) novels. Her favourite kind of romance to read are dark, classic and erotic genres. She’s also fallen in love with Sci-Fi novels as well. In addition to her love for reading, her novels that she writes are erotic, short stories, that may or may not include vampires, werewolves, witches and don’t forget the humans. She is the author of the semi-erotic romance, ‘Savage’ the e-Book on the app: Galatea and Après Morsure; Le Déluge.

This site, Bloody Insatiable, is owned and operated by Kristen Mullings. You can contact me by email at ringme@bloodyinsatiable.com.


I Torment Boys - Kristen Mullings

Bloody Insatiable

It all started with a blog. I never thought it would turn into something greater. I had hoped and prayed that something would come out of my writings, but a published e-novel. I am more than grateful.

All I ever wanted to do was to entertain and even capture the hard moments that were too hard to express. Everyone needs someone or something to relate to. I am glad I could help.

This website was once a blog of short prose and poems. It transformed into a novel, another after that and another after…

Every small thing has the potential to become something grander. ‘Every mickle, mek a muckle.’

When Bloody Insatiable was just a blog I had the support of DJ. I thank them so much, for reading everything that I wrote from the start to the end and for pushing this passion.

Bloody Insatiable is my brand. My author brand. I write everything here, with this name. This name will forever be close to my heart and the projects that I will birth under its name. I had a lot of fun creating the blog and the numerous prose that I wrote to entertain Angel. I haven’t shown everything yet, but the best is yet to come.

– Bisou, bisou

Bloody I.V.

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